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Spiritual Healing

Ruqya Services Guidelines Of Preparation

* If you do not feel well and are experiencing any cold, flu, or any virus symptoms please reschedule this appointment until you feel better.

* Please be aware you cannot eat at least 3 to 4 hours prior to your appointment. This rule doesn't apply to children under the age of ten (10).

*Someone must accompany you to your appointment. There is a 2-person minimum and a 3-person maximum.

* Females should be in Hijab & be with a Mahram. No Muslim woman should be in seclusion with a male spiritual healer without the presence of her Mahram (A close male relative such as husband, or brother).

* No recording devices are permitted during your session.


* If you have any items that are suspicious to you such as (Taawez, Sihr, etc.) please bring them with you if you want to destroy them in the correct way.

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