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Spiritual Healing

Ruqya Services Refund Policy

You may cancel your appointment for a refund 72 hours prior to your appointment time. Please note there is no refund if the appointment is canceled under the 72-hour cancellation period.

* If needed to reschedule your appointment, please be aware no refunds will be given falling under the 72-hour mark. However, there is an option that if you must reschedule, please do so no less than 48 - 72 hours prior to your appointment time to be granted a 50% off of your next session.

** Please be advised there is a 10 minute grace period. If arrival is later for more than 10 minutes, this will result in time deducted from your session. If late for an additional 5 minutes from your session time (totalling anything more than 15 minutes), you must reschedule, and note; no refund will be provided. Please arrive on time.


Jzakom ALLAHU Khier.

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