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Spiritual Healing

Ruqyah Rules & Regulations (RRR)

* If you do not feel well and are experiencing any cold, flu, or any virus symptoms please reschedule this appointment until you feel better. 


* Please be aware you cannot eat at least 3 to 4 hours prior to your appointment. This rule doesn't apply to children under the age of ten (10).


*Someone must accompany you to your appointment. There is a 2-person minimum and a 3-person maximum.


* Females should be in Hijab & be with a Mahram. No Muslim woman should be in seclusion with a male spiritual healer without the presence of her Mahram (A close male relative such as husband, or brother).


* No recording devices are permitted during your session.


* If you have any items that are suspicious to you such as (Taawez, Sihr, etc.) please bring them with you if you want to destroy them in the correct way. 


* You may cancel your appointment for a refund 72 hours prior to your appointment time. Please note there is no refund if the appointment is canceled under the 72-hour cancellation period.

** Please be advised there is a 10 minute grace period. If arrival is later for more than 10 minutes, this will result in time deducted from your session. If late for an additional 5 minutes from your session time (totaling anything more than 15 minutes), you must reschedule, and note; no refund will be provided. Please arrive on time.


Jzakom ALLAHU Khier.

Thank you 



* We understand the importance of medicine and healing therapy prayer (du’aa). For any health-related issues, the first point of contact is your family doctor or a health care provider. For emergency situations call 911 to get immediate care.

We are not against modern medicine, or medical treatment, always seek a doctor's help, however, you have the right to know what kind of treatment you are getting what is prescription and what treatment plans, what are side effects for any prescription and procedure, take multiple opinions always.

This is only a complementary Islamic healing therapy, we strongly advise that do not stop any ongoing medical treatment, do not stop the medicine, and consult with your family doctor and discuss with them.

It is mandatory to fill out the liability release consent form before you continue with the booking.

NOTE: By confirming this appointment you must comply with the conditions listed above. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How long does it take to feel better? How many times do I need to come and follow up? 

The more you follow the instructions of the Raqi by getting closer to Allah, the closer you are getting to healing.

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